Kids Anti-Bully Jiu-Jitsu


"If size mattered, 

the elephant
would be the king of the jungle."

Rickson Gracie

The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Kids anti-bully Program is the perfect way for your child to mature into an adult while learning self defense. It is also a great way of getting in shape, making friends, and having fun. As both a martial art and contact sport this is a great opportunity for you child to learn how to persevere on the mats so they can persevere in life. The program strays away from the "win/lose contest philosophy" and focuses on instilling a hard work ethic, a positive attitude, and a love for the Jiu Jitsu life style. Classes include techniques, physical drills, games, and live training. We teach jiu-jitsu by almost disguising it in a series of games that develop proper balance, technique and positioning. If your child is having fun they will be engaged, and if they are engaged they will be learning.


  • They will learn the most effective Martial Art form in the world
  • Self confidence, Respect, Discipline, Responsibility, good sportsmanship
  • How to deal with bully situations verbally
  • How to defend themselves if physically attacked
  • Better physical fitness (balance, strength, agility, flexibility)
  • Classes are geared toward character development and personal growth
  • Helps develop social skills and gives them an opportunity to make quality friends